About the SunCard

Being a landscape photographer I know how important it is to know where the sun will rise and set. It is at the beginning and end of the day that the most dramatic and pleasing light appears. When I first started shooting in the field I had a rough idea that the sun rose in the east and set in the west and I noted down good locations to return to when the weather was right. I soon noticed that the position of the sun setting or rising varies quite a lot and returning to these locations I found that the shot I had envisioned was completely different to what I had seen only a few months before.

I needed a more accurate way of determining the direction of the sun, so I developed this card. It was a handy credit card size so I could keep it in my wallet and have it with me at all times as you never know when you might find a good location. It was also transparent so I could overlay it on a map and plan my shots in advance for the year.

There have been so many times when it has saved me hours of travel to a location only to find the light is wrong. The card has now been tested in the field and its waterproof and virtually scratch proof design have been ideal.

Now I'm offering this card for sale to other photographers, garden designers, architects, film makers and anyone else who needs to know just where the sun will rise and set.

suncard finds the position of sunrise and sunset

Download a Printable version of instructions

Photographers find the position of the sunrise and sunset